Based on the fact, that natural resources a running out and the assumption, that advanced materials will need to play a bigger role in reducing global CO2 emissions, Fairmat was started with the ambition to develop a new method to recycle advanced materials - starting with carbon fiber.

As the company is quickly growing and evolving, a redefinition of the overall corporate strategy and a clear articulation of a powerful brand story was needed, to ensure all stakeholders can quickly understand what Fairmat is about, what it has to offer and why it matters.


We worked closely with Fairmat’s management team to rearticulate their purpose, vision and mission. Through in-depth interviews and joint workshops, we were able to unpack the essence of the business as well as succinctly capture their ambition for the future.

Based on the corporate strategy, we then developed a compelling brand platform, including personality attributes, an overarching brand story as well as a clear value proposition.


Right after we finished the project, the strategy was translated into new messaging and tested with customers at one of the biggest industrial fairs in France.

The mission statement itself:

We build the manufacturing ecosystem that puts second generation materials at the heart of forward-thinking manufacturers worldwide

– was adopted and implemented right away (you can find it on their website already). It will take some time to further shape the brand and bring the new strategy to life across all touchpoints of the business. But this won't be the last time you will hear from Fairmat - I have no doubt about that!

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