The most compelling narratives, consequential designs, brands that stand the test of time – all are based on a fusion of intuition and logic, creativity and precision, a combination of art and science.

We’ve seen that the most effective strategies, impactful identities, and powerful brands are those that you can both feel and understand. It is this connection that turns simple symbols into icons of culture that last.

We work with leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations, and decision-makers to explore their potential, unpack their stories, and strengthen their brands.

As a consulting boutique, we only work with a limited number of clients at a time and engage personally in every project we do.

We love the craft. We’re driven by our curiosity and passion,
and we trust our intuition.

From our home base in Hamburg, Dichter + Denker operates worldwide.

Johannes Frederik Christensen


Portrait of Johannes Frederik Christensen

For more than 15 years, Johannes has been supporting organizations to sharpen their strategies, understand the impact of brands, built and use them strategically.

Having lived in six countries across three continents, he has gained extensive cross-cultural experience and collaborated with local and global clients on a wide range of branding and business strategy-related challenges.

He is a passionate field hockey player, Vespa enthusiast and coffee lover. Still a Dortmunder at heart, he currently resides in Hamburg, Germany.

Martin Stadler

Senior Associate Partner

Portrait of Martin Stadler

Martin brings a wealth of experience from 20 years of working as strategy director across an extensive range of clients.

Ever since his studies he has been passionate about the potential of brands and continually develops his well-founded method and process design expertise.

Experienced in managing large and complex brand processes, Martin knows how to integrate a wide variety of process participants and their temperaments efficiently and appreciatively.

Kilian Palis

Creative Director

After his apprenticeship as a blacksmith and metal worker, Kilian studied interdisciplinary Design in Cologne and Rotterdam.

Since then, he has not only worked numerous years for one of the world’s leading branding agencies, but has by now created a rooster of local as well as global brands as an independent creative director.

His heart is always looking for simple, honest solutions, designs with impact.

He loves the culture of Great Britain, sharp knives, and the fresh air of Germanys North. He currently resides in Hamburg, Germany.  

Oliver Kloss

Junior Consultant

Oliver combines his natural curiosity for different cultures with an eagerness to look beyond the obvious, to find insights, articulate hypothesis and build strategies for businesses and brands. He is passionate to work on the intersection of business and branding to create strategies that you can feel and understand.

He holds a Bachelor in Social and Economic Communication and brings along working experience at Deloitte Digital as well as wegewerk.

If he is not traveling across Germany for one of his projects, you might find him surfing on the coast of Marroco.

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